Case Converter

Free Online Case Converter Tool for Free

Has it ever happened to you that you left the Caps Lock on accidentally, but now you can't be bothered to retype it all? Well, then has a convenient online text tool where you can easily change between upper case and lower-case letters without taking much time. All you need to do is enter the text in the given area and select the case you need to convert. This easy-to-use online case converter tool is designed to allow you to convert blocks of any text into uppercase or lowercase. Just enter the text and convert it without much hassle. Once it is done, you can easily export it to a text file or copy and paste it back to your own document. Yes, it is that simple!

Want to double-check that a document has all the proper capitalizations and no errors, then use Free Online Case Converter to make your life a bit easier. Whether you want to change the text from uppercase to lowercase or clean your text up using sentence case, one click will do the trick!


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