The Best Way To Convert Scanned PDF to Word Online

Convert Scanned PDF to Word Online

A blog article on how to convert scanned PDF to Word online. The article discusses the pros and cons of using an online tool called Okular in comparison to other methods of conversion and provides helpful tips for beginners.

The Best Way To Convert Scanned PDF to Word Online

Is there a FREE way to convert Scanned PDF to Word Online?

There is a free way to convert scanned PDFs to Word documents online. Simply open the scanned PDF in an online browser and click on the "Share" button. This will open the document in a new window or tab. Click on the "Word" icon next to the "Document Type" field and select "Text Document." You can then dictate your text into the Word document and save it to your computer.

How can you Convert Scanned PDF to Word Online?

There are a few ways that you can convert scanned PDFs to text online. The most common way is to use an online PDF converter, like the one offered by Google. Just enter the URL of the PDF file and the online converter will start working. Another option is to use an app like PDF Reader for iPad or iPhone, which will allow you to open and convert PDFs on the go.

Tips for Converting a Large pdf into Word Online

If you have a scanned pdf of a document that you need to convert into word, there are a few things that you can do to make the process easier. First, try using an online PDF converter. These programs will allow you to easily transform your scanned pdf into a Word document. Additionally, many online tools offer additional features, such as password protection and the ability to annotate your document. Finally, be sure to save your finished document in a format that Word can read.


If you have a document that you would like to convert to Word format, but don't want to spend the time doing it manually, there is an online tool that can help. Scanning and converting PDFs can be a time-consuming task, but with this online tool, you can save yourself a lot of grief by using it to convert your scanned documents into Word files.



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